Should Cataloniabe an independent country?

About Referendum Catalonia

'Catalonia should be an independent country?' A question like this is the one that was made in Scotland on September 18, 2014 to be able to determine its future freely. In Catalonia, however, due to the constant refusal of the Spanish government, all are uncertainties and their population does not know if they can vote in a binding way in the future, but there will be sufficient guarantees to carry out and defend this universal right.

It is for this reason that from Catalonia, its civil society, its associations, trade unions, businessmen, political parties and their individuals are organized and working to be able to carry out this referendum in a binding way. The prohibited referendum that took place on October 1, 2017, the mobilizations of thousands of people and the internationalization of the conflict are evident signs of this impulse.

It is in this last point to internationalize the case, that we, anonymous citizens without any kind of political ties, created the ReferendumCatalonia in 2013, where the citizens of Catalonia and of the whole planet can think and vote if they believe that Catalonia should become an independent State. After closing the platform in 2014 due to the continuous online attacks we received, in 2019 we decided to go back, stronger and with only one goal: to get Catalonia to freely vote for its future.


- In order to avoid mass votes and falsity of data, voting filters are applied. This means that if in a home they want to vote for several people, it is possible that the system will limit it. In this case, we recommend voting by accessing the mobile, with its own connection, without the Wi-Fi connection.

- Due to geolocation, only people residing in the Principality of Catalonia will be counted as Catalonia in their country of origin. We want to apologize all the way to residents of other places.

- Reliability is not 100% guaranteed. The objective we are aiming to do is to approximate the voting tendency of the Catalans, to give rise to a need for a vote that is denied and to internationalize the conflict, knowing the interest that would arouse and the support that would be obtained by a referendum, Independence of Catalonia in other countries of the world.


Our intention is to erase all data once it is due to finalize this initiative. In any case, the data is public and visible, so we encourage the political scientists and anyone who wants to use them.